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Hotel Poma An Oasis of Elegance in the Heart of the City for over 15 years

Located on one of Milan’s most prestigious and charming streets, Hotel Poma has been a landmark for over 15 years for those seeking a classy stay in the vibrant Italian metropolis. Our hotel takes its name from the historic Via Carlo Poma, where the building has resided for over a century, a street steeped in Milanese history and charm.

Hotel Poma opened its doors approximately 15 years ago, founded with the aim of offering guests an unforgettable stay, enriched by the unique atmosphere and rich history of the city of Milan. Since then, we have continued to strive to ensure our guests receive a warm welcome, high-quality services, and an authentic experience in the heart of the city.

Our name, “Poma,” was not chosen by chance. It derives from Via Carlo Poma, a renowned street for its elegance and prestige, situated in the heart of bustling Milan. We are proud to carry forward this name and to be associated with one of the city’s most iconic streets, symbolizing our commitment to elegance, sophistication, and authenticity.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to maintaining Hotel Poma as a landmark for classy hospitality in Milan. With new projects and initiatives on the horizon, we are poised to continue offering our guests an unforgettable experience, keeping alive the tradition of Italian elegance, style, and hospitality.

Choose Hotel Poma for a classy stay in Milan, where history merges with the present to create a unique and memorable experience.


to provide an unforgettable stay experience, enriched with elegance, sophistication, and authentic Italian hospitality, in the heart of the vibrant city of Milan.


to become an icon of luxury hospitality in Milan, offering a classy environment and impeccable services that exceed our guests' expectations.


The values of Hotel Poma include elegance, authentic hospitality, service excellence, and respect for tradition and innovation.

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